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#18 – Breaking Down the Juvenile Justice Systems in Florida, Podcast Part 2

juvenile justice

#18 – Breaking Down the Juvenile Justice Systems in Florida, Podcast Part 2


In part 2 of this podcast, Attorney Susan Chesnutt continues her interview with the Department of Juvenile Justice Reform Specialist Christopher Seagrist about his experiences working with the troubled youth in Indian River County, Florida. Chris gives a detailed description of the processes and experiences children have when they go through the system. They discuss the power that judges have to accept or overrule the DJJ recommendations. Susan and Chris wrap up talking about volunteer programs in Florida that are helping kids and families.



[00:20] Chris talks about the routine the DJJ goes through when evaluating how they should process the kids that get arrested.

[09:52] Chris explains the factors that get kids arrested and put in programs.

[16:08] Chris describes the programs a kid goes into if they can’t prove themselves on probation.

[20:13] How much power does the Judge really have over the DJJ recommendations?

[22:11] Chris and Susan talk about the non-profit orgnizationTeam Success Enterprises.

[32:12] Chris talks about future projects he plans to create.



1:00 “But how are you going to talk to a kid about behaving when there’s another kid there that murdered his brother or that shot at him?”

15:05 “You’re on probation as an adult, you’ve got one foot in jail and one foot out the door and it’s just which way do you lean that day and where are you going to go?”

17:10 “Even the non-secure programs. They are not free to go. They are there for treatment and the overarching concern, like even with indeterminate sentencing of probation. We just want to give the kids what they need.”

20:44 “I’ve seen many cases where judges went above DJJ’s recommendation and got their hand slapped.”

30:43 “There are some agencies in North Florida that partner with DOD, actually a nonprofit that partners with Department of transportation and the kids like clean out gutters and stuff, and they paid them partial salary and pay off the restitution at the same time as they’re working.”


Chris Seagrist – Phone: (772)-429-2121
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice:
Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project:
Team Success Enterprises:
Children’s’ Home Society:
Department of Defense:
Department of Transportation:

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