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#22 – Parenting with Responsible Love, Real World Advice from the Florida Divorce Parenting Class Expert

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#22 – Parenting with Responsible Love, Real World Advice from the Florida Divorce Parenting Class Expert


Child welfare attorney Susan Chesnutt interviews parenting expert Sue Dockerill from the Florida Divorce Parenting Class.  In this off the cuff conversation, we learn about parenting styles and using responsible love to nurture and grow relationships.  They also discuss our countries divisive political state and positive ways to deal with the outcome of this historic election.



[00:01:03] Susan introduces Sue Dockerill and she explains a little of what she does and her beliefs on why so many marriages are crashing right now.

[00:15:47] Sue explains the difference between responsible love and unconditional love and how each can help a marriage.

[00:22:33] Sue shares her beliefs on how parents should care for their children during divorce.

[00:41:12] When do you tell small children the whole truth about the world right now?

[00:46:08] Sue describes an effective reward system for children.

[00:53:42] Sue goes into more detail about what she does for marriages.

[01:09:42] Sue talks about how she believes everyone should live their life with joy at all times.



14:03 “The only way we’re going to teach unconditional love is if we parent our children that way, imagine a world where no matter what happens to the children, they have a soft place to land.”

30:37 “The kid that’s being the bully at school he’s the one we need to feel sorry for.”

44:27 “But what happens now? Because we’re so divided by parties, one party is just pulling the other person down and it’s really crazy because we’re not getting focused on the solutions to our problems.”

1:00:39  “Why can’t we just lower the bar a little bit and realize that the divorce is a solution. You get to draw the line in the sand of what you’re going to put up with and what you’re not. But now that you’re going apart, why keep bringing up the painful story?”

1:12:10  “I think we all need to start really living for joy and so one of the things I would say to anybody that’s really struggling is when is the last time you did something nice for yourself?”



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