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#24 – How much money should you settle for in a Divorce?

signing a settlement agreement

#24 – How much money should you settle for in a Divorce?


In this episode, child welfare attorney Susan Chesnutt interviews Alliance Bernstein Vice-President Aisha Ali about wealth management. They discuss ways to align your financial management with your life goals and ways to set financial goals through the divorce process.



[01:03] Susan introduces Aisha Ali who talks about her job as a wealth manager and how she helps people manage their money.

[02:08] Aisha talks about how she can help the divorce process.

[08:56] Aisha explains trends in the market and how you should look at investing during the pandemic.

[13:52] Aisha shares tips on how to money manage regarding your family’s future.

[24:03] Aisha goes through Alliance Bernstein’s process when they meet a new client.

[30:16] Aisha explains how she gets to have a relationship with her clients and loves helping them.



2:31 “One of the things that we’ve seen arise during the divorce process is really having clients not know how much money they should offer for settlements and how much money clients should take for settlements.”

5:26 “So when we’re looking at the analysis, let’s take a recent divorcee and say ,what are her goals? She wants to make sure she has enough money to put a down payment on a new house. She wants to make sure her children are able to go to college paid for.”

13:11 “When we look forward though, the real economy still needs a lot of help and it needs support.”

21:11  “However, successful you may be in the future and for people who’ve only known you as successful, and that would be your children if you have been able to mass that before they were born, it can be hard for them to understand why you look at money and you treat it so differently than they do.”

29:40 “I like to tell people that I am not the investment expert. What’s great about Bernstein is we have an entire team that works on building and crafting your portfolios.”



Alliance Bernstein Wealth and Management:

Aisha Ali: (564)-820-2182


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