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#25 – Non-Profit Spotlight – The Buggy Bunch is supporting struggling mothers with babies

mother sitting on bench with baby

#25 – Non-Profit Spotlight – The Buggy Bunch is supporting struggling mothers with babies


In this episode, child welfare attorney Susan Chesnutt interviews Tara Wright, the executive director of a Non-Profit organization called the Buggy Bunch. They discuss how The Buggy Bunch helps mothers become better parents to their babies. She also discusses the Diaper Closet program that helps homeless moms provide basic necessities to their children.


[00:30] Susan introduces Tara Wright who talks about The Buggy Bunch program and explains what they do.
[02:35] Tara describes what The Diaper Closet program is and how it helps people.
[06:01] What else can The Buggy Bunch help with?
[09:05] Tara talks about how The Buggy Bunch supports children that come directly to them for help.
[15:02] Tara explains the newest developments in the organization and there global approach to supporting the community.
[18:50] Tara reviews the importance of establishing a personal relationship with everyone that comes through their door.


2:20 “It doesn’t matter what your faith is. What your belief system, your background, your marital status, your sexual orientation. That is not our concern. We are interested in building relationships and supporting moms in Indian River County.”
6:28 “One of the greatest needs in our area that we see outside of the diaper wipes and formula, support that we can offer is housing. Housing is a tremendous struggle in our community for reasonable quality, quality housing.”
10:33 “We’re trying to remind these mothers that they are the primary educator of their child from the moment they’re born, they are their first and primary educator.”
17:54 “We are a very small staff and when you contact us, whether it’s through our website or our phone, you’re going to be greeted by a very warm, caring staff.”


The Buggy Bunch Website:
Buggy Bunch Phone: (772) 266-0066
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