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#29 – How can we help survivors of Human Trafficking?

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#29 – How can we help survivors of Human Trafficking?


In a continuing effort to raise awareness about human trafficking, Child Welfare Attorney Susan Chesnutt interviews Kristy Norbert of the Empower Her Network. Kristy talks about her organizations mission to help survivors of human trafficking. The Empower Her Network raises funds and supports survivors in finding a path to personal growth and success.


[00:56] Susan introduces Kristy Norbert from the Empower Her Network and what her motivation was to start it.
[07:23] Kristy describes the things that her organization aims to do with everyone who comes to them for help.
[17:10] Kristy goes over the details and timeline of the empowerment plan for previously trafficked people.
[25:36] Kristy talks about success stories of people who have come out of her program.
[34:59] What do some alumni of the program go on to do?
[43:28] Kristy explains how you can get involved with helping trafficked people and with the Empower Her Network.
[47:52] Kristy and Susan discuss the importance of the empower her bracelets and how they got her company started.


2:13 “I can’t imagine how oppressed this community must be and the lack of services that must be available. So I actually started by running an organization in Southeast Asia, finding out about human trafficking there. That first was my aha moment.”
14:50 “Housing is a huge barrier. Imagine someone that’s trafficked has no credit or really bad credit. Sometimes many times they have a criminal record due to their trafficking experience.”
28:36 “How was your sleep? In your first apartment? And she said, I kept on waking up and pinching myself. And I just couldn’t believe this is my real life. I didn’t have to be scared of someone else coming in.”
36:20 “I don’t actually know how to trust a guy after this. What do I do? When do I disclose my trafficking? So we try to listen at all levels of Empower Her Network to what are they saying.”
52:22 “People are trying to buy and sell the same commodity as they call it, the human being over and over again for their profits. And they’re doing it successfully.”


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The NoVo Foundation:
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