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#14 – An Insider Look at the Florida DCF with Bob McPartlan, DCF Community Development Administrator

dcf investigator with family

#14 – An Insider Look at the Florida DCF with Bob McPartlan, DCF Community Development Administrator


This episode of From Foster Care to Family Law – A Child Welfare Focus features Bob McPartlan, Community Development Administrator at the DCF. Bob details his role in caring for abused kids and educating his community to get involved as positive influences and mentors to children in need.

Susan and Bob also discuss substance abuse and how it is the worst and most common factor in putting children into foster care. They also talk about cases where they extended much-needed help to otherwise neglected children and the recent successes of the DCF in placing children with friends and relatives.



07:51 How DCF can help you

16:30 Substance abuse as the worst cause of fostering

31:23 Community development and church involvement

37:32 Case studies: Meeting human needs and the painful realities of foster children

55:18 Increases in domestic violence cases during COVID-19



16:18 “It could be as simple as just going to school and reading to kids because kids always look for just one positive influence in their life.”

30:56 “I’ve had parents, I’ve had recurring cases, but I treated them the same every time because today might be the day that they say yes, Bob, I’m ready to make a change in my life.”

48:47 “We try to keep those material things because they have sentimental value and we want to pass them on to our children. I don’t have those and I damn sure didn’t want some other kid to have to experience that because her mother was going through a difficult time.”

54:17 “We set a goal of 67% of those children to be placed with friends or relatives because we know they’re more successful because then parents might be more inclined to visit or assist in visitation.”

56:21 “This epidemic has created a lot of stressors in the home. And again, we are seeing a large number of, again, it’s mainly substance abuse and domestic violence going on at home.”



Bob McPartlan – Phone: (772) 708-2900 , Email:

Florida Department of Children and Families – Phone: 850-300-4323 or 1-866-762-2237, Fax: 1-866-886-4342, Website:

D-SNAP, formerly known as Food for Florida – Link:

Homeless Services Network of Central Florida – Phone: (407) 893-0133, Fax: (407) 893-5299, Email:

Food Stamp Program – Link:

Boys & Girls Clubs of America – Link:

Gifford Youth Achievement Center – Link:

Hibiscus Children’s Village – Link:

Community Based Care of Central Florida – Link:

Team Success Enterprises – Phone: (772) 236-7770, Link:

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