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Divorce Frequently Asked Questions in Vero Beach FL

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Divorce Frequently Asked Questions in Vero Beach FL

If you’re contemplating or going through a divorce, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. What should I do next? What shouldn’t I do? Space doesn’t allow us to cover every question we hear from our clients, but over the years these are the ones we hear most frequently. Hopefully, the answers will put some of your concerns to rest.

Do I have to go through court to get divorced?

Yes, a divorce must be granted by a judge, but that doesn’t mean you must have a trial. Simplified divorce procedures are available for cases where the two people agree on certain issues like division of property, child support, and spousal support.

How is a parenting plan decided on?

Most Florida judges start by assuming each parent will have equal time with and responsibility for their child. The judge then considers circumstances that could impact a 50/50 arrangement such as work schedules, school schedules, each parent’s living arrangements, and so on.

Does a husband always have to pay alimony?

Spousal support is not automatic. The party who wants support needs it and that the other party has the ability to pay it. Sometimes a wife is required to pay alimony. Factors including the length of the marriage, the standard of living during it, and the earning capacity of each party are considered before a decision and dollar amount is arrived at.

Divorce can be complicated both technically and emotionally.  Getting help from a qualified divorce attorney can help to ease the pain of the process. 

For more information on these questions or any others you may have regarding family law services in Vero Beach, FL, contact the Chesnutt Law Firm today.

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