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#20 – Substance Abuse and Overcoming the Challenges of the Rehab Experience

road to recovery

#20 – Substance Abuse and Overcoming the Challenges of the Rehab Experience


Child Welfare Attorney Susan Chesnutt interviews Pedro Bernabe, CEO and Executive Director of Phoenix Rising Wellness Center. Pedro goes into detail about the human experience of dealing with addiction, going through rehab, and the challenges to stay clean. Pedro also discusses the bonds and relationships he forms with the people coming through his program.



[00:22] Pedro Bernabe introduces himself and talks about his pathway before and during high school

[00:06:11] Pedro talks about his pathway after high school and how he got into helping addicts

[00:19:46] What is the true definition of addiction?

[00:24:11] Pedro describes The Phoenix Rising Wellness Center and how it came to be

[00:38:10] What does The Phoenix Rising Wellness Center do for people with addictions?

[00:49:41] Pedro explains his bonds and relationship with the people that go through the program

[01:01:02] Pedro tells the community how they can get involved in non-profits and volunteering



20:40 “My grandparents both were alcoholics, even though they had their behaviors, that network that were never addressed by a professional, they were never addressed. So they continue, they pass that down to their kids.”

24:32 “I said, I didn’t want nothing to do with treatment anymore and I want something fresh, something that I can do where I can feel I’m making a difference because too many people are dying from fentanyl use and overdoses.”

38:42 “Alcohol is so cheap. That someone can go in with $30 or $20 and really get intoxicated.”

1:03:04 “We have a big need in this community and we have turned a blind eye to charity in a way, but I think that now there’s more and more people talking about it.”



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Florida Department of Children and Families:

Florida VNA (Visiting Nurse Association):

Vero Fitness:

Team Success Enterprises:

Salvation Army:

Substance Awareness Center of Indiana River County:

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