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Taking Care of Yourself During a Divorce

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Taking Care of Yourself During a Divorce

Life is filled with big moments—announcing the birth of a child, announcing a marriage or preparing to start your dream job. However, with big moments comes big opinions and unsolicited advice from loved ones, coworkers, acquaintances and people who mean well. While it can be helpful to learn from the experiences of others, it can also leave us feeling worn out and more stressed than we were before. Taking care of yourself during a divorce is critical, especially during the stressful times we are living in.

Talk to People You Love

Whether it’s a family member or a friend, lean on people around you that you can trust to provide you with emotional support. Many times we are worried to share our feelings with others out of fear that we will be a nuisance, but friends know that divorce is a scary, sad and stressful time and want to support you however they can.

Take Care of Your Body

If we go through periods of intense emotional pain, it is very easy to let our physical well-being fall to the wayside. Even now, when our physical health is more important than ever, it can be too simple to forget to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and move our bodies. Work to find ways to make caring for your body easier. A meal delivery service and eating together with a friend over Zoom could get you on a great dinner schedule. Exploring a new stress-relieving type of exercise can channel your hurt and anger into endorphins.

Spend Time on What You Love

One of the most important things to do in the aftermath of a divorce is to focus on things that you love and things that you would like to spend time doing. It’s easy to throw yourself into your job, but it’s a better idea to find or start practicing a hobby that you love. Learning something new or learning more about something you already enjoy can help you to work towards something that feels meaningful and fill the time in your life that might be empty now.

Feel Your Feelings

Finally, it’s important to let yourself feel your feelings. Divorce is different for everyone, but the one thing that remains the same is that it will inevitably provoke strong emotional reactions. Whether you feel numb, upset, hurt, relieved or pained, let yourself feel the feelings and work through them with a therapist. Choosing an experienced lawyer like Chesnutt Law Firm ensures that all of the technicalities are taken of for the smoothest resolution possible.

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