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The Benefits of Choosing Collaborative Law Solution in Vero Beach, FL

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The Benefits of Choosing Collaborative Law Solution in Vero Beach, FL

Collaborative law is a way to resolve family law disputes without resorting to litigation. Spouses agree to use good faith efforts to reach a mutually acceptable settlement and voluntarily disclose all relevant information.

Collaborative Law Vero Beach FL

Traditional divorce litigation can be time-consuming, expensive, and unpleasant. The benefits of Florida’s collaborative law process are deeply important to many clients and include stress reduction, control, and time and cost savings:

  • Spouses play more active roles in deciding their future instead of relying on a judge who is meeting them for the first time.
  • There’s no judge ruling certain facts are irrelevant. Both spouses are free to discuss whatever they need to in order to move the process forward.
  • Resolution is less drawn out than with prolonged litigation which means it is also less costly. The timing is decided by the parties, not the court.
  • The process is more private and confidential than what sometimes occurs in public courtrooms as couples let their emotions get the best of them.
  • Spouses cooperate to build the trust needed for working together in the future. This is especially important when children are involved.

Is Collaborative Law Right for me?

  • Do you want a more amicable divorce that focuses on what’s best for both your futures while still protecting your rights?
  • Are you interested in keeping your divorce details private so prying eyes in the community cannot access your and your spouse’s most personal information?
  • Are you the type of person who prefers to make the best of a bad situation rather than drag it out to win the battle?
  • Do you want to create a respectful and healthy post-marriage relationship with your spouse so as to protect your children and lead a happier life?

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, then consulting with a collaborative law attorney in Vero Beach FL might be the best option for you and your spouse in resolving your disputes. Call The Chesnutt Law Firm for help deciding if a Consultative law solution is right for you call 772-492-3330 for an appointment.

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