What is the Collaborative Divorce Law Process in Vero Beach FL

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What is the Collaborative Divorce Law Process in Vero Beach FL

Collaborative law, sometimes referred to as collaborative practice, collaborative family law, or collaborative divorce, allows separating or divorcing couples to work with professionals, including collaboratively trained lawyers, to reach a settlement without the uncertainties that often come with litigation. 

Collaborative Law Vero Beach FL

One question many people have is how is collaborative law in Vero Beach FL different from mediation? A mediator is a neutral professional, not always a lawyer, who doesn’t dispense advice. Rather, they facilitate communication and negotiations between the couple. Collaborative practice lawyers act as advocates, negotiators, legal advisors, consultants, and drafters. Other experts such as an expert financial advisor and other experts qualified to assist parents in determining the best interests of the children often attend and assist as legal team members. 

In collaborative practice spouses or partners:

  • Sign a collaborative participation agreement that meets the needs and concerns of both parties.
  • Voluntarily disclose any and all relevant and material information.
  • Agree to use good faith efforts to reach a mutually-agreeable settlement.
  • Are individually represented by attorneys who withdraw from the case if a settlement is not reached and the matter goes to court.

One of the greatest benefits to working with a collaborative law practice in Vero Beach FL is the support, protection, and guidance you get from your attorney as well as child and financial specialists and other professionals who all work together to help your family create a lasting, respectful agreement without going to court.

Core Elements of Collaborative Law in Vero Beach FL

There are three important commitments couples make when they choose a collaborative practice solution:

  1. To negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution without court intervention.
  2. To maintain open communications and information sharing.
  3. To work together to create share solutions that acknowledge what is best for all parties moving forward.

Whether you use collaborative practice from the beginning of your divorce or for only part of it, it will save you time and money. More importantly, your family will get through the divorce process with your dignity and moral standards intact. To learn more about the collaborative law process call 772-492-3330 for your consultation.

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