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Going through a divorce can be a trying experience, whether you’re on good terms with your spouse or not. Even if the divorce is mutually agreed on and the marriage is coming to an end on good…

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Florida Attorney and former DCF investigator Susan Chesnutt operates a child-welfare centered law practice in Vero Beach, and is ready to provide you with the legal advice you need…

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Like mediation, the Collaborative Process aims to resolve a couple’s differences in a family matter through voluntary settlement negotiations rather than through litigation in court.

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Being charged with a criminal offense can have a serious impact on your life, especially if you’re found guilty. If you’ve been arrested and charged, whether it’s for a felony or a…

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Our Priorities

Here at the Chesnutt Law Firm, we strive to help our clients achieve the legal results that they are seeking and to provide professional legal assistance in a variety of family law and criminal law related cases. One of the main priorities at our family law firm is to ensure that each and every client receives the personal attention that their case deserves. For us, it’s not just about padding our settlement stats or trial record, it’s about making sure that you have someone you can trust and rely on to work for your best interests.

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Susan Chesnutt Law Change for 50/50 Co-Parenting Time Sharing in Florida

A Passion for Child Welfare


Susan Chesnutt has a unique experience, as she was taken away from her parents as a child and put into protective care through the Department of Children and Family Services in Florida. She has firsthand experience in the aftermath of these accusations and living what happens to children who are separated from their parents. It can be traumatic to be removed from the only home that you know and lose access to parents. Susan’s experience in the system has given her a passion for protecting children and protecting families.

Our Legal Services at The Chesnutt Law Firm

We provide comprehensive family law and criminal law services to clients throughout Florida. Our extensive experience and familiarity with Florida state law allows us to provide professional legal counseling in any matter concerning family law or criminal law.

The Chesnutt Law Firm
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barbie cebeybarbie cebey
23:44 12 Jun 22
My experience with the Chesnutt law firm was an incredible one. I was referred to her by a good friend who said she was the best.Susan and her team are extremely knowledgeable. They were very patient and caring throughout the process, they were always available and would respond and answered any and all questions or concerns I had.Although my case was quite unique and did not end in a divorce. Susan always guided me and advised me as to what would work for me and be in the best interest for my family.Susan, thank you for for your kindness, compassion and honesty and to your wonderful team...Thank you and all the best.
We were HIGHLY recommended to this company, but with our experience over the last few months, since May, we would NOT recommend anyone with a time sensitive custody case to use these people.LACK OF COMMUNICATIONUNAWARE OF NEXT STEPSNON CONFIDENTWE REQUEST MEETINGS WITH attorney and assistants always take the calls. We have seen no results and basically lost the chance at our case.FRIDAYS AND MONDAYS DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO GET AHOLD OF YOUR ATTORNEY AS THEY ARE EITHER LATE FOR CONFERENCE CALLS OR OUT ON OFFICE OR IN TEAM TRAINING ALL DAY.Unfortunately we were extremely disappointed in their quality of service, professionalism, and the lack of interested in our urgency due to the safety of a minor.The attorney also caused a conflict of interested with the DCF supervisor, as they used to work together and have a previous relationship, the supervisor has been transfered along with the original DCF case worker, and is no longer employee's and our case is at a hold still until the there is violence in the presence of the child, which we will not know because we were told by the father we will not be aloud to see the minor until she was 18.HIGH RECOMMEND FINDING A LAW FIRM THAT ACT LIKE THEIR WEBSITE INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING ABOUT IT....CHANGE MY MIND.They have no issues sending us invoices on the regular and also requesting 2000$ more dollars for our case.(this is another 1 star from below)(The Chesnutt Lawfirm cost me over $30,000 in unnecessary expenses and did absolutely nothing to help me. They were very disorganized and did nothing to provide support or assistance or resources for myself or my son. I would never recommend this firm to anyone at this point. Everything that happened in my case should never have happened, and they did nothing to prevent or stop it, and the lack of representation has crippled me and taken away my motherhood. Chesnutt has no fight in her and she allowed opposing counsel to intimidate and rail road her in the hallway into agreeing to their wishes before the judge even heard my case. Not to mention she failed miserably to recognize or acknowledge or contest the fact that the case brought against me was in fact fraudulent and falsified. DO NOT HIRE. INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL. MISREPRESENTATION. GREEDSusan failed miserably to even look at my case file or recognize FRAUD and PERJURY that was committed against me and she failed to represent me and the best interest of my son. Formal BAR complaints have been filed and are being investigated!!! My son hasn't been home in a year and a half and was placed with a man who's been an absent parent for 12 yrs 3 hours away in a different town. Susan got played hard by opposing counsel and made judgement calls on my behalf without full disclosure or appropriate procedure. Totally disgusting")
Angelina ShakurAngelina Shakur
12:32 03 Sep 21
The Chesnutt Law firm helped me get my life back! My cases were completely dropped! They were super nice to work with, always on top of everything. They never forget to keep you updated on things going on, VERY PROFESSIONAL. I *highly* recommend Katlin Sanders, she really is an amazing attorney. She gets the job done in a short period of time, and remembers to let you know everything along the way. If you ever have a case going on and need an attorney or just legal advice in general I would definitely say Chesnutt Lawfirm is your best, and should be your only choice!!
Jose Sarasola IIIJose Sarasola III
12:58 26 May 21
I'm grateful to have been recommended to work with James Popa. He handled my case professionally and efficiently with compassionate guidance.
Coltan HolmesColtan Holmes
19:51 25 May 21
If you need someone to help you get divorced while making sure you are afforded every right possible to you, call Susan! She fought for me and my children! No one better firm to help Father's in the divorce process!!!
Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt
20:53 10 May 21
So far so good 👍
Susy PonceSusy Ponce
16:01 17 Mar 21
This was my first experience with The Chesnutt Law Firm. Susan is amazing! The staff is very easy to communicate with, very professional and efficient. They answered all of my questions. Susan is smart,kind, and understanding. She guided me in the right direction. I highly recommend this law firm. I couldn’t have done it without them.
Shawn ElliottShawn Elliott
01:58 07 Feb 21
Susan Chesnutt is a beautiful soul and very talented at her profession. Vero is very lucky to have her not only in the legal system, but helping the less fortunate in the community through her work with local non profits. Would highly recommend her.
Nicole HernandezNicole Hernandez
16:25 28 Aug 20
Brilliant, professional, compassionate and a fighter. Susan and her staff are the best. I'm very grateful to them.
Dawn TaylorDawn Taylor
16:17 17 Mar 20
I wasn't sure what to expect or what I was doing when I originally when to the Chesnutt Law Firm, however meeting with Ms. Chestnutt and Joanne they listened carefully, explained my options as well as made sure I understand each option and potential outcome and where I stood. It was very comfortable and made it easy to work with them through the process. I was informed each step of the process, there were no surprises and the outcome was better than expected. The office staff also was so professional, confidential and polite. Very thankful they were on my side.
Bob TurskiBob Turski
17:49 10 Mar 20
Exceeded my expectations!In transitioning the experience of an ever changing world, I seek professionals not only for their experience, but also their ability to understand my personal situation.The Chesnutt Law Firm is a tightly woven network of highly professional attorneys and staff professionals who walked me through a difficult process, coaching and reassuring me every step of the way.I knew Susan Chesnutt was the right attorney for me the moment I met her, and I appreciated her and her staff keeping me in the loop about filed papers and every little step that needed to be handled to move our case forward to absolute success.I wouldn't hire anyone else.If you want a great criminal and family law attorney, hire this firm.Highly recommended!You are in good hands with Chesnutt Law!”Bob T.
22:37 01 Mar 20
Amazing to say the least. Susan Chesnutt and her staff will fight for everything you want and deserve. I hired her for a family case and seven with a open criminal case she got me the outcome we were looking for. She was a pitbull n the court room and would hire her any chance I I would ever need a lawyer.
Andy the roofer And coAndy the roofer And co
13:13 12 Feb 20
No other attorneys out there can compare to professionalism and service out there. She was there for the best rights that my daughter could have. She treats every client personally and works very hard to protect families out there. If your looking for a good family attorney give them a call you will not be disappointed
Deborah KirkmanDeborah Kirkman
17:59 10 Feb 20
I hired the Chesnutt Law Firm to help me adopt my grandson. I had wasted six months with a previous attorney, who was happy to take my money, but did very little in return and basically told me I didn’t stand a chance with my case. My case was somewhat unique, and Susan, Katlin, Brianna, and Joanna had to get creative with the way it was handled. They were always very professional and worked hard to get positive results for me. The adoption was finalized within one year of when I hired them, and I couldn’t be happier!
Susanne SmithSusanne Smith
14:44 30 Jan 20
I am so happy to have had Susan, Joanna and staff standing up for me and my rights. I had a very difficult dependency case that Susan found precedent for both grandmothers to jointly adopt our grandson. We are both happy to raise this child together legally. I'm sure we wouldn't have had this outcome without the help of our lawyers. Thank you again Susan!
Craig BalzafioreCraig Balzafiore
20:53 07 Dec 19
I have been through 3 different attorney’s in the last 8 years and I never had a chance with either one of them. December 5th 2019 was different Susan Chesnutt and her awesome team just gave my girl a chance to thrive and be raised the best way I know how. I can’t express how thankful I am for what you and your team have done for an amazing 10 year old girl. Susan just know that last week you and your team literally gave my 10 year old daughter a fighting chance to grow up to amazing woman.❤️❤️ Katlin sanders and Brianna sat side by side with me during mediation and when I found out afterwards how old Katlin was I was blown away!! She is extremely smart and very calm and confident!! I was very impressed!!
Ashley OleskewiczAshley Oleskewicz
14:04 24 Oct 19
Amazing what you did for my cousin and her kids! I went with her last night to watch her son play football for the second time ever. At the end of the game he looked over at her smiled and waved. Maybe it meant a little to someone, but it meant a lot to her. I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. Thankyou for giving her, her smile back!

“From beginning to end, thank you for accepting my case and for the 2.5 years of service. I appreciate your advocacy, diligence, and for treating me with equality. Seeking legal counsel can be costly, and I appreciate your fairness in providing an affordable payment plan. The conclusion of my case was successful because of your efforts to inform me of updates throughout and for helping me understand and navigate the legal system. You are an asset to the community.”  – S.F.



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