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Do you need a criminal lawyer in Vero Beach FL?

Being charged with a criminal offense can have a serious impact on your life, especially if you’re found guilty. If you’ve been arrested and charged, whether it’s for a felony or a misdemeanor, you should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as you can.

Reasons to Hire a Criminal Lawyer

There are situations in which you might not think that you need a criminal lawyer. For example, maybe you’re positive that you’ve been wrongfully arrested and that the evidence is so clear that your case will be dropped soon enough, or that you are guilty and therefore have no need for a lawyer to defend you, especially if it’s for a minor misdemeanor, which you may not think will have that big of an effect on your record.

However, you should always get in contact with a criminal lawyer if you’re being charged with any kind of criminal offense for the following reasons:

  • A criminal lawyer will provide professional guidance – Criminal lawyers are intimately familiar with how the court system works. They can help to properly prepare you for your trial so that you know what to expect and what you should in order to make the best possible impression on the judge and to ensure that you don’t say anything that’s self-incriminating.
  • A criminal lawyer can help prove your innocence – If you are innocent of the crime you have committed, a criminal lawyer will have the investigative capabilities to collect existing evidence, find new evidence, speak to witnesses, speak to police officers and use expert testimony to help prove your innocence in court. Criminal lawyers often use private investigators to go back over the crime scenes to look for new evidence and to track down other witnesses.
  • A criminal lawyer can help get your case dropped – Good criminal lawyers may not always have to find the evidence required to clear your name. They will investigate the arrest itself to make sure everything was done legally. In some cases, a mistake may have been made during the arrest (for example, if your rights weren’t read or if they entered your home without permission or a warrant) that could force the case to be dropped.
  • A criminal lawyer can help get your sentence reduced – Even if you are found guilty of your crime, a lawyer can help to have your sentence reduced. In some cases, the presence of a lawyer can be the difference between jail time and community service or a felony on your record or a misdemeanor.
  • A criminal lawyer can help save you money – Not only can they help to have any heavy fines reduced, they can also help lower your bail. In the end, you’ll be much better off financially if you hire a criminal lawyer than if you attempt to go at it alone.

Criminal Law at The Chesnutt Law Firm in Vero Beach, FL

​​​​​​​If you’re facing criminal charges, whether they are felony charges or misdemeanor charges, then you should speak to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Be sure to contact us at The Chesnutt Law Firm today by giving us a call at 772-492-3330 for a consultation.